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Owner & Director
JOICO Colour Master

It’s never a job, when you love what you do.

I started my hairdresser life straight from school, throwing myself into it with zero expectations and a completely open mind.
Less than half a term in at college & I knew I’d found my future.

Having worked for 20 years, experiencing the industry in multiple salons, towns, countries & environments, I’ve taken everything I’ve learned, good and bad, and put it all into my salon, ensuring I can not only give our guests the experience I have wholeheartedly developed to be of the highest standard possible, but a safe space for staff, friends & family and our guests alike.

Lauren Emma Hair Artistry would not be where it is now, without the support from our valued clients, who are the backbone of our environment. Because of you, our passion is for your satisfaction.

Our Team: Our Team
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